Unlimited Outfits, Delivered Monthly
Complete your style profile & our stylists will send you a box containing 2-3 outfits. Wear your outfits for up to a month and then return them for a new set.
Keep your outfits for up to a month
Complete a style profile & we’ll send you 2 outfits. Keep your outfits for up to a month & return when you're ready.
Return & we’ll send you a new set
Return your box at any point and we’ll send you another. Delivery & returns are free of charge (and unlimited).



Complete a style profile & we’ll send you 2-3 outfits. Wear, enjoy & then return your outfits for a new set, as often as you'd like.
Select your style preferences, sizing details, shipping information & process your payment.
Your items will arrive 3-4 days after you have completed your style profile. #Excitement
Keep your clothing for up to a month. When you're ready, return the box for a new set of outfits.
We stock 35+ brands including Zara, Levi’s, Topman, River Island, New Look, Hugo Boss, Bellfield, Peter Werth and more.


Each box contains between 4 and 8 items of clothing, neatly arranged as 2-3 outfits.
Styles will vary depending on the season as well as the choices & sizes in your style profile.
If you love an item, let us know (we provide a feedback card, or you can email us) and we’ll ship something similar next time. Alternatively you can purchase the item for 30%+ off retail prices.

Why Join Crewfitter?

Made for the modern man, Crewfitter sends you personalised garments monthly, in return for a monthly fee
Our stylists handpick & send you clothing, monthly
Complete your style profile and one of our stylists will send you a handpicked Crewfitter box containing 4-8 items (2-3 outfits). We stock 35+ brands and provide a feedback card to understand your likes and dislikes.
An unlimited supply of outfits with unlimited returns
Wear your outfits as much as you like, and send them back within a month, and we’ll send you a new set. Half of the items you receive are brand new, and half are lightly worn but chemically cleaned to ensure they’re like new.
Purchase items you love for 30% off retail prices
We purchase our goods at wholesale prices and pass on the savings to you. Purchasing is simple. Inside each box, we have a purchasing card with individual item pricing. Simply leave your desired item out of the box upon return and we’ll bill your card for it.
It's easy, convenient and saves time
Whether you're a busy male, you hate shopping or you love fashion and you'd like to try something new, Crewfitter caters for all. We’ll take the hassle out of shopping and send you trendy, modern and classically cool garments every month. 

Simple & Secure Payments

All payments are securely processed through Stripe
£55 / per month
We’ll send you 2-3 outfits in each box, handpicked by your personal stylist.
Once you’ve finished wearing the items you like, return the box (using the returns label) and we’ll send out another. We’ll take care of cleaning, so you don't have to!
If you like something, you’ll be able to purchase it for 30% off retail prices by not including it inside the box upon return.
We currently ship to the United Kingdom only